The Withington Baths 8237 wash away any thoughts of closure!

Save Withington Baths Petition of 8, 237 names handed to Sir Richard Leese, February 2013

Completely delighted to tell you, on this sunny Manchester Monday, that the very passionate, heartfelt, community campaign to get Manchester City Council to rethink their proposed closure of Withington Baths and Leisure Centre has been successful, at least in the short term. It’s been both an eye opener and an eye closer for me personally, the former in the sense of seeing the workings of local government & politics up close and the latter as it was a full on 24/7 three weeks, albeit well worth it.

In my last post on the 11th Feb, we were a week into the LetsGetTo4000 petition campaign – last week the fab gang pictured handed in a massive 8,237 names, far exceeding our expectations and described in the Council Executive meeting as “unprecedented”. The overwhelming wave of local affection for this 100yr old building and facility washed simply washed away any notion of closure.


To have been involved with something which so united the local communities was really special and a privilege. There’s a lot of hard work ahead but if that sense of working together, energy and positivity can be harnessed properly, I reckon Withington could end up with something even better than it already has…. now wouldn’t that be amazing 🙂

Save Withington Baths Petition of 8, 237 names handed to Sir Richard Leese, February 2013

Lots of people from ALL political persuasions worked very hard to ensure that the doors did not close on this much loved and much needed centre – you know who you are x

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