How to make a landlord’s day with the perfect thank you card

The Best Landlord AwardSometimes being a landlord is a bit of a thankless task: endless hours of boring as hell paperwork, fighting with the bank, viewings in the rain, cleaning dirty toilets…. you get the picture. But of course, no-one ever feels sorry for landlords as we have single-handedly ruined the economy with buy-to-lets, terrorise people with our Rachman like methods and live lives of luxury driving round in huge 4x4s spending willy-nilly the cash rents we extort from our brutalised tenants in their squalid, cockroach infested tenements. Landlords eh. Bastards.

Only, it’s not always like that. As this lovely Lovely LOVELY thank you card I opened today proved. It warmed the cockles of my heart on this cold March afternoon and will make me smile all day. It made me proud of what we try to do and the homes we try to create for our tenants. It made it worth it 🙂


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