Soaring electric bills & inexperienced tenants in Rip Off Britain

2013-04-29_0004Over this last couple of years, the soaring cost of electric has become a real problem in my rentals. Even though we insulate ceiling and walls, the ridiculous cost of electricity in the UK is becoming a massive problem for young tenants who don’t earn that much money, particularly when they simply don’t realise the cost of heating a home and normal day to day usage. Most of our rentals are gas-free and it’s a fact that there is now a huge difference in cost between heating your home with gas and heating it with electric, to the point where I would actively and absolutely never fit electric heating again.

I’m currently putting together a fact sheet for my tenants about how they can save electric, turning off appliances and chargers for example, but how they can stay warm the old fashioned way:

  • Using a hot water bottle in your bed makes an unbelievable difference, a decent one will stay warm all night.
  • Buying some furry slippers to wear in the house – honestly, the number of tenants I see wearing flip flops in December and complaining that they can’t get warm 😦
  • Changing into a Onesie or slanket for watching TV on the sofa or studying – if you’re sitting still, you get cold faster.

And this isn’t preaching, these are all things I do in my own unrenovated and very cold home! I’m in the midst of row over my own heating bill which, when I had gas heating last year was costing £170 per month – expensive but doable. Then our antique boiler broke and we installed four wall mounted electric heaters in April 2012. Guess what our bill was for Jan and Feb 2013? Same house, same rooms, same people and not even on full….. £1200 for two months. FOR TWO MONTHS!!!!

How stupid are we in this country? The government can stick it’s carbon footprint up it’s arse as far as I’m concerned. All it’s really doing is allowing the utility industry to screw the population for every penny, every pound it can. We need a proper energy revolution!

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