Picture frame dilemma – how much choice??!!

I needed a new frame this week for a very special family picture. Sounds simple, right? Just one picture frame but it did have a few rules attached. Not too plain, which ruled out plain black borders. Not too fussy or twee or ‘shabby chic’, which ruled out painted cream flowery wood. Not too polished, which ruled out shiny chrome and silver. Not ethnic, pine or gimmicky. You might imagine this would pretty much rule out every picture frame known to man but luckily designers have been going a bit frame crazy and my choice was still endless….

The magpie in me loved the gold lace and filigree type frames below, with the £12 Next one a great alternative to the much more expensive but stunning Michael Aram version:

Michael Aram’s Gooseberry design, John Lewis’s Pewter Lace and Next’s gold lace

More design led were the industrial style rope-held Rockett St George frame and the amazing 90* frames, the latter not exactly a snip but I’d imagine high street alternatives are somewhere round the corner…arf arf, pun intended 😉 Not so sure you’d get much imagery in the imaginary typography frame but cool nonetheless:

Rockett St George, Typography frame art by Forge & Morrow and corner frames by Yvonne Schroeder

I’m partial to a bit of purple at the moment, so cann’t help featuring “Wisteria’, likewise with the pewter stamped frame after my pewter workshop the other week. Liked also the black Habitat frame with it’s creeping into the picture patterning and the much more minimal timber frame with an offset style. None of them *quite* right though…

Purple John Lewis ‘Wisteria’, black Habitat ‘Ness’, oak Philippi ‘Nature’ and Lancaster & Gibbings “Arditti”

These three ticked my playing-with-design box, from the super on trend clock to the cute pencil colours to the effortless style created by hanging pictures how and wherever the hell you want. I was once told off, literally told off, by a client whilst dressing one of her rental apartments for not hanging pictures exactly xxx inches from the floor. Ridic. Rules are made to be broken 🙂

2013-08-13_0005In the end I opted for a fretwork monochrome Christiane Lemieux frame from House of Fraser to display this black and white print of my fab family on my sister’s birthday, a *very* special picture of us all actually looking in the same direction and all with our eyes open – such a rarity, is your family the same?!


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