Half a Hawthorn under attack, and all eyed by a hungry robin

2013-08-26_0003A very overlooked part of the garden came under attack this weekend, a part filled with an overgrown holly hedge (loved by our robin), tatty topiary, an appalling lawn and sloping unloved beds. My house is a funny shape, sort of elongated, so we use the garden off the kitchen ALL the time and this bit, sadly, never. ‘Tis time for that to change and I say when better than a relaxing Bank Holiday Monday to undertake a total garden overhaul?

One problem in this part of the garden was that it had always been in shadow from the two hawthorn trees, one set in either corner. Although the blue tits, sparrows and squirrels love them, along with many other wildlife species, they prevented any light getting through, so all my planting efforts have been focused on other, sunnier beds. The shadowy problem was solved a few months ago when not only did one completely fall over but a huge split appeared in another! I was gutted, not wanting to lose both our bird friendly trees so have tried to rescue one this weekend, hard pruning back all of one of the split sides to try and encourage strength in at least one of the sides. Apparently Hawthorns have a life span of 30-40 years so we’re figuring all of ours were planted around the same time in the 70’s.


It was hard and thorny work – my hands have so many splinters! – but it feels like this garden area has been transformed, it’s so much lighter and brighter. *Someone* has loved all the digging too, beadily eyeing the turned over soil and diving straight in…..


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