100 Top Tips from some fabulous interior experts

No matter how long you’ve been considered an ‘expert’, you never ever stop learning and picking up new ideas, tips and hints, so I was both flattered to be asked to contribute and intrigued to read Amara’s The Lux Pad 100+ Interior Tips from 100 different interiors experts.
There are some fabulously inspirational quotes for the design obsessed, so I’d definitely advise studiously studying them ALL, but here are a handful of the quotes which particularly struck me as useful, concise & on the money:

~ Abigail Ahern, Interior Designer
“Don’t stop decorating too soon! The accessories turn a room from drab to fab; they’re the 5-minute facelift of the decorating world

~ Sam Brine, Amara Interiors
“If you have doubts about a pattern don’t use it. Instincts are usually right”

~ Lindsey Coral Harper, Interior Designer
“Always test at least 3 paint colours for a room. See how they look in the space, I always select paint colours on site”

~ Steve Cordony, Interior Designer
“I always like to have a ‘hero’ build the interior from there. A statement rug, a wallpaper feature wall or beautiful design classic are all great starting points to build layers upon”

~ Stuart Wilson, Interior Architect & Design Blogger
“Light is everything; natural and artificial. It is always worth spending time on to get just right”

~ Diana Vreeland, Fashion Legend
“Style – all who have it share one thing: originality”

This was my contribution, do you agree?!
“Be brave enough to be yourself and trawl the trends for what you love, not what’s fashionable. That way you’ll still love your home next year, and the year after, and the year after that too”

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