Cool Corian and some stompin box plywood stairs

2013-09-19_0002We’ve had such a busy afternoon clearing out the contents of an apartment which completes tomorrow, I’ve almost forgotten the cool stuff we did yesterday and this morning. That’s the problem with being mega busy, we jump from one thing to another so fast there’s barely time to register things and take it all in. We’ve a very nice client in the Northern Quarter who has been badly BADLY let down in the past by many trade professionals and we’ve come in half way through the job to finish off. Well, I say finish off but we’re not talking a tickle of paint, more like unpack a half done kitchen & install it, sort a Corian worktop, install a super narrow staircase in a hall – hardly little jobs and made so much harder when you’re picking up someone else’s pieces.

I’ve never actually worked with Corian before for no other reason than client choices, but it works perfectly in this kitchen which needed seamless joins, easy cleaning and a flowing, crisp, contemporary look. I’ve been fascinated seeing the fitting process, the glueing, sanding and invisible joins and was also surprised that holes can be core drilled after installation for taps etc, I thought they’d all to be done as part of the tempting process. Far easier and better to decide once the surface is in, a definite bonus.

Our master furniture maker has played a blinder in making the stairs presented to the client then drawn up for and with him. How cool are these for the super narrow width required by Building Regs and the very steep climb dictated by the apartment layout? They’ll be finished with an narrow industrial railing & glass for safety but even half way through I think they look amazing 🙂


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