The rental market, social media and the rise of the Twenant!


Made myself smile just now by tweeting about a new tenant who has just moved in as she’s our first Twenant, i.e. tenant found through Twitter. I’ve done viewings before after tweeting about rentals coming available but this is the first proper sign up and move in, and it shows a real shift in the way things are done, don’t you think?

I connect with lots of local businesses & tweeters in Manchester and some have become real friends, good friends, so when they see we’ve an apartment coming up and they know someone who’s looking for a new pad, the connection is instant. My followers / friends know the standard of our rentals, they know I’m always tweeting about caring for our properties, doing the gardens, etc. so they know we’re more than half decent landlords and they’re therefore happy to recommend us to their friends.

For me as a landlord, I can judge by association, it’s surely always better to have tenants recommended to me too? Other landlords have told me I’m crazy to be so visible on Twitter, but they tend to be the type of landlord who hides away from tenants, never to be seen in broad daylight and rarely available when things go wrong or need fixing. I know some of our tenants follow me on Twitter and that’s great, I haven’t a problem with it at all. If it’s obvious who they are, I follow them right back 🙂

It’s always been said that the very best form of recommendation is word of mouth, or should that be, tweet of beak!

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