The Home Bar is Back. No, really, it is.

Forget those 70’s sad shelf monstrosities containing half-finished creme de menthe and Aunty Nelly’s sherry, today’s home bars are sleek, colourful and highly desirable. Staying in is the new going out apparently, so what could be better than having your very own sexed up shot station to entertain friends with your flairing skills and impress the hottie from across the hall.

Buster & Bunch Rockstar bar

Inspired by the amazing Rockstar bar (above) seen in all it’s glory at Clerkenwell Design Week on Tuesday, I’m pretty determined to include a ravishing and well stocked home bar in our Moregeous Mansions refurbishment. Looking for inspiration on-line, it would appear the home bar is back with a style-filled vengeance.

I love the art deco styling and feel to the turquoise and gold detailed bar below:

Bright colourful home barNot everyone has the space for a full on bar area, maybe a stylish drinks trolley is more your style:

Gold home bar stand


There are lots of old dressers on Ebay, maybe think about personalising one to create a more period style bar with vintage detailing:


Lucky enough to be totally remodelling your home? Maybe build one in:

Or if you are *seriously* short on space, even the tiniest of areas can house a carefully curated selection of your fav tipples 😉2014-05-22_0006

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