DoUpDiary #15: Digger Driving… BuilderCat takes over

Only a quickie tonight as I’m buried under a mountain of materials quotes deciding which companies to use and what to specify for my very special project but I just had to share these pictures taken late this afternoon. They make me smile so much as someone is getting a bit too big for her boots on the Moregeous Mansions building site….

Cat sitting on mini-digger on building siteI’m not sure we have the correct insurance in place for Missy to be in charge of the HireStation digger but she takes firm ownership rights as soon as the groundworks team leave, giving the evil amber eye to anyone who dares to come near…..Cat on mini-digger on building site….and settling down to sleep within minutes. A proper guard cat.

2014-08-27_0003Personally I don’t believe any previous driver has had the ability to lick their own bum in the cab, this might just be a first 😉


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