Do Up Diary #31 Starting to get watertight

2014-10-22_0005Who ordered a hurricane? Oh we’ve been so lucky with the weather so far, it seems weeks since the last deluge which turned the garden into Glastonbury, this good luck surely had to come to an end sometime and come to an end it has this week! As the major timbers over the workshop and utility room were completed, then came the cry for breathable membrane for our unventilated roofing, as we have timber barge boards and soffits closing up the roof eaves with no vents. We are going to have a warm roofs, with the sloping pitches visible internally as feature areas (this is quite  good explanation of different roofs HERE), so any condensation created needs to be able to pass through the membrane to outside rather than be trapped in the fabric of the house.

And what excellent timing as the rain came thundering down. A decent membrane under roofing lats (the horizontal timbers pictured below over the blue membrane) can give a temporary watertight finish before tiling or in our case slating has taken place, allowing dry spaces in which to work and store timber. 2014-10-22_0004

I learned that there are broadly speaking three different choices, cheapy cheapo at circa £30 per roll (50m x 1 or 1.5m), mid-range at £60-70 per roll and super dooper at over £100 per roll. Our local builders merchants didn’t stock the mid or upper ranges as all builders and landlords round here go for the cheapest one. Having weighed up our budget, I though it best to go mid-range, opting for a make called Cromar Vent 3, not the Light or the Classic but their high performance one. The lads had used it before and really rated it. I did loads of research and just felt that for this house, it was absolutely adequate and suitable. 2014-10-22_0007I felt like I was standing on the prow of a ship up there in my wellies, and then he told me off cause I was still supposed to be ‘getting better’ 😉

Weirdly, the spaces completed suddenly feel bigger with a ‘roof’ on. Standing in the utility room with it’s cute three pitches I can totally see where my drying rack is going to go and Mr M looked teeny weeny standing in the corner cleaning old plaster off the wall. That’s a first for him to look teeny weeny 😉 He’s standing right where a loo will be.2014-10-22_0006Feels great for the first couple of sections to be broadly watertight, though there’s still a long way to go. As all this happened more brickwork was going up on top of the huge piece of steel sitting over the kitchen bi-fold doors, and the new and revitalised West Wing is starting to take shape. I’ll be cooking in there in no time 🙂


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