Do Up Diary #33 Dormers, buy two get one free?

Part way through the build, up to first floor level

No major build comes without it’s hiccups and often these hiccups are very hard to spot on flat plans. In my experience, the renovation of old houses can only be done successfully with constant monitoring and adaption. As you can see, the initial plans for the remodelled West Wing elevation included two dormers to the steeply pitched roof to allow more head height in the two small bedrooms being created above the kitchen, and also two roof light windows above the family bathroom. All looks great doesn’t it. Except it doesn’t work.

Original plans

As the front elevation has been built up and we’ve reached the top of the reclaimed brick level / eaves to the roof, the first rafter was positioned and oops, where you see the loo and bath above is actually impossible due to the pitch of the rafters and subsequent low ceiling heights. You can see from the in situ snap below that only a Munchkin could use a loo when the ceiling runs down so low at the external wall level. I know I’m titchy but Mr M and our 6ft boys? No chance 😉

2014-10-25_0003Every problem has it’s solution however doesn’t it, it’s no good bewailing and bemoaning building  issues, you just have to work around them and find the best possible answer. Top marks to the A Team for spotting the problem as soon as they put the first rafter in place and shouting me up to check and assess. Clearly something had to be done to increase the head height within this bathroom area so that a bath and a loo could actually be fitted in!2014-10-25_0004The answer is a sort of an expanded Bog Off, a super market special if you like – Buy Two Get One Free. Instead of two dormers over the West Wing, we’re just going to have to have three and of course this won’t be free at all! More timber, more labour, more slate will be required to construct it, maybe £1500 in total? But there is no alternative as this bathroom must be useable not just a pokey squished up space which I will be eternally annoyed about.

Yet another reminder that constant management of any renovation is required and an eye on the end game at all times, with help from smart builders. If you don’t, on your head be it, as this ceiling would have been on ours!

As usual #BuilderCat got in on the act and checked everything out thoroughly before any decisions were made, finding next doors roof space a huge draw and all those trestles a veritable playground….


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