A fantastic result for our Love Withington Baths campaign

Love Withington Baths campaign successIt’s crazy to feel guilty for not writing a post for two weeks but blogging is a little like eating Pringles. Once you pop you just can’t stop, and when you do stop for whatever reason, you feel a nagging, niggling urge to start again. Between getting on with rebuilding Moregeous Mansions, having tenants in and out of apartments and simply surviving whilst living on a winter building site, the last few weeks have been quite hard work, but something has made life very, very worthwhile.

Regular readers may recall me writing about a campaign to save a heritage building in South Manchester – Withington Baths. I first wrote about it in February 2013 and have been involved with the campaign for the last two years, after we were successful in getting it a stay of execution. Anyhow, GREAT NEWS!

We’ve only gone and got our business plan approved by Manchester City Council, which means that in a few short months our passionate and enterprising community group could be running the Baths and applying for the sort of grants to totally revitalise this amazing facility! We’re all a bit shell-shocked but very excited and we held a Big Valentine Splash on 14th Feb to let our wonderfully supportive community know the good news 🙂

Love Withington Baths campaign successWe even made the BBC local news!!

Not only that but we had mermaids, not often seen in Manchester. The lovely ladies from the Bramley Mermaid Club created a special Love themed vintage routine for us and the kids all loved it, especially the dressing up in blue mermaid tails ‘specially bought for the day. I quite fancy having a swim in a tail myself one day, a la Daryl Hannah 🙂
Love Withington Baths Bramley MermaidsI’m so very proud to be involved with Love Withington Baths and all that it represents. Please follow us on Twitter and Facebook (our social media is very engaging!) and get involved if you live in the M20 area. We’re planning amazing things for the future and would love you all to be involved xx

Love Withington Baths

Our Do Up Diary will resume tomorrow, sometimes some things have to taken precedence over ‘normal’ life 😉 x

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