Builder Cat Update – Cage rest & sulking :(

IMG_8070I’m so excited that the dormers are being clad in the new super cool ColorCoat Urban this week but it’s not the same without Builder Cat climbing all over the steel bit & pieces, in the fitter’s bag and generally marching around site demanding to be photographed. She hates me right now. Confined to cage rest for a week after her X-ray last week showed either a chip or some calcification on her front left elbow, she is Not Happy and it’s so hard for me to keep her locked up when she’s used to trotting around after me all day. I miss her being my site shadow 😦


I’m still a bit shocked that the vet said if the limping and paw raising didn’t get any better they couldn’t operate and amputation would be a real possibility. My poor girl!! Lots of tuna, lots of cuddles and lots of apologies which she doesn’t real understand are the order of the week. Mr M almost fell out with her today when he found a little *present* on the rug in the one bedroom we’re all sharing when he got up this morning. I dread to think what his reaction would have been had he not turned on the bedside light and seen it first!


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