Moregeous Designs: A TV Set Bathroom For Bath Empire

Bath Empire TV Advert Moregeous DesignIt’s all been a bit hush-hush in terms of revealing full pics but I’m so pleased to be able to post tonight the finished TV ad which I worked on this month for online retailer Bath Empire. It screened today and you should see it on your telly boxes this weekend! I was asked to design two different bathroom sets, one of which was to be used for this ad and one will be used on Boxing Day. It’s the first time Bath Empire has done a TV ad and here’s the thing – they were SUPER brave.

Most bathroom companies opt for beige. It’s inoffensive, it appeals to everyone and it’s relatively timeless. But it’s also very, very boring. I came up with two sets which featured colour, innovative flooring and cool trends for 2015/16, expecting them to be thoroughly diluted…. but they weren’t! To their credit they just said go for it! With a pirately family feel, we incorporated on trend design, zoned flooring and a monochrome vibe 🙂Bath Empire TV Advert Moregeous Design

So here it is, can you spot the bathrooms trends and please note, this here blogger was not only the designer and dresser on set, but also chief foam beard provider for the many takes of “I’m A Pirate” 😉

Here’s the finished bathroom and also a snap of what it looked like the week before:


And here are some sneak peeks of what it’s like behind the scenes of a TV ad shoot:

Bath Empire TV Advert Moregeous Design

DSC00074DSC00023Bath Empire TV Advert Moregeous Design

I’ll properly blog the trend ideas next week but for now, I’ve had a long day working at the Baths, it’s nearly 9pm and I need my tea!! x

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    1. Ah thanks 🙂 Must admit the flooring was my fav too, I’ve a little post about floor zoning coming up with a video and some fab pictures. I’ve yet to see the advert on the actual telly, can’t wait, will be v proud 🙂

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