Renovation Recipes: A Bit of Bol

BOL ready meal Moregeous Blog 2Oh dear. I’m cheating. But you know what, living on a building site and working full time sometimes means resorting to a little help. I’m more than happy to share my cheatin’ with you to help you through the same renovating craziness!

On a day when I’m already in accounting hell cooking up the books, guess what, I don’t really have the energy to cook up a storm, however I’ve been relentless disappointed over the last year with supermarket ready meals. Largely bland, over priced for what you get, unhealthy and nothing like the image on the front of the box, they’re partly why I’ve conjured up so many of my own renovation recipes. Still, sometimes there’s just no other option than a quick fix.

Enter stage left these little beauties. The Sainsbury’s Local half way between my house and our rentals sell them and I picked up a couple a few weeks ago. They are FAB! I picked up the Sri Lankan Lentil Sambal last night and just scoffed it now, nutritious, packed with veg and tasty, a little like a travellers bowl full of street food. Of course I can’t help myself and added some prawns & sugar snap peas I had in the fridge but you don’t really need to add anything to the veggie ones. I’ve not tried the Chicken Pots but will be giving them a go soon.
BOL ready meal Moregeous Blog 1

Entirely coincidentally I know Paul who started off this new British company, Bol Foods, as he used to live in Manchester, but I only found out that fact after I’d bought and enjoyed the first ones. For many years he worked at Innocent Drinks and I can see that whole vibe going on with Bol, young, vibrant, healthy, on-the-go stuff for your tum. This is his philosophy below and take it from me, it’s no marketing bollocks.

BOL ready meal Moregeous Blog 3

Give them a go, I reckon you’ll like them too when you need some quick fire sustenance mid-renovating x

PS My Monday Bol tea was a vast improvement on breakfast….. a bit of Yin and Yang going on today!


NB For new readers: I live in a kitchenless, hot water-less, hobless house mid-selfbuild & renovations, hence these simple / effective / hearty recipes and food advice for others in the same boat. This ain’t no food blog for foodie experts ok, so don’t get all prissy if I use cheatin’ additions and never boil / pan fry anything… because I can’t! x

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