Naked Roof Artistry? Leave It Out Poppy

Poppy Jackson on the roofI have honestly never seen anything as ridiculous as this in my whole life. Speaking as a lady builder who spent months on frozen roof slates last winter, this daft woman isn’t an artist, she’s just another attention seeker using the same old cheap method to grab headlines.

How in God’s name are female builders and roofers supposed to be taken seriously when other women pull stunts like this. The Guardian says “One of the interesting things about Site is the way that Jackson seems to become as one with the building, part of its very architecture, as if her body is an extension of the brickwork”….. you’ve got to be kidding me right? Does this reviewer ever actually look at buildings? What a load of pretentious tosh. It’s not “beautiful, disturbing and disruptive”, it’s just a girl with her fandangle out. All a bit Roofing Readers Wives really.

I’d like to see her up there in January, straddling icy ridge tiles in minus zero temperatures. As my plasterer just commented, you have to chisel her off with a hammer and bolster 😉

I’ll stick to my workwear I reckon, but thanks ever so Poppy, for turning women on roofs into a bit of a joke GRRRRRR.


Read more of the Guardian’s review of this silliness HERE

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