For The Wine Lover With Everything

IMG_2385Here’s something different for the man, woman or couple who have everything – that very special bottle of fizz or wine turned into a hanging work of art! Mr M and I were at friends’ this weekend and I was intrigued to see his very unusual wall display. Our host is a wine connoisseur and sends off his very favourite bottles (once empty obv!) to be heated, flattened, relabelled and cooled into hangable feature bottles for his study. Cool eh?

IMG_2383Clearly he has impeccable taste but I guess there’s no restriction on choice, it doesn’t have to be Barolo or Krug, if Stella or Asti’s your thing then so be it. Likewise if it’s just the one bottle, maybe a fizz drunk at a 21st or wedding, whatever floats your boat.IMG_2384The lady who does them is called Jill and is based near Carlisle in the Lakes. Her web-site is HERE and my friend says she’s very nice to deal with, so there’s your personal recommendation! The bottles are between £20-£30. There you go, that’s Christmas sorted 😉


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