The Return of the Outdoor Privy?!

2016-04-07_0001.jpgAh, the outdoor privy. A property feature long forgotten by many, never known by most and only *enjoyed* by a dwindling 40,000 (the Halifax approximated in 2010) households in the UK. 40,000 plus the Prince of Wales perhaps because, would you believe, the Privy is back and it’s had a bit of facelift!

No longer a cold, draughty dash across the backyard from a Northern terrace, the new Plankbridge Privy which launches at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2016 features not only a shower and flushable loo but also Farrow & Ball’s new Salon Drab, industrial style copper pipework and a lovely Belfast sink.

I’m old enough to vaguely recall a family friend having an outside lav, common in terraced houses built in Victorian times. Using it in the winter was no fun and nor were the spiders, but fans like Fred Cawood enjoy the fresh air on their bits, the birdsong and the escape from the Missus. Thinking about it, we so should have got one here for our last 18 bathroomless months.

And here it is in all its glory, it’s a bit plush innit?!

Plankbridge Privy small.jpg I rather think that at £24,746, the well heeled buyers seeking the WC version of these elegant interpretations of classic Victorian style shepherd’s huts might not be your average homeowner. People use the Wessex originated huts for other more sophisticated purposes such as artist’s studios or spare bedrooms and apparently Prince George potters around in one at the garden at Highgrove. If that’s not enough to make you cash in your ISA for a lush loo, I don’t know what is.

At the moment I’d just settle for a lockable WC somewhere more than 12ft from my pillow. Am I becoming WC obsessed? Maybe. Did I just send our heating and first fix plumbing layouts for Moregeous Mansions to the heating / plumbing company? Yes and about time and YIPPEEEEE!!!

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