Do Up Diary: Going For It In The Garden!

CjJcRrxWkAACJoo.jpg-largeYou know the script, you head out fully intending to buy a few extra bricks and come home with 8 tonnes of granite. Totally normal.

When the sun shines up North, we all dash into into our gardens and get as much done as humanly possible, regardless of what other vital jobs need doing. Hay and sun, as the phrase goes. Thus having big plans for inside Moregeous Mansions this week but then seeing those spectacular hewn setts and blowing all the plans off the table!

We’ve never enjoyed the full potential of this somewhat scratty front garden, which has been a shame as it get the most beautiful morning sunlight. Mr M and Builder Cat had a conference about my ideas and decided they were doable. Phwef. I want to use this space for breakfast in the morning on a nice day, for growing cut flowers in the beds and almost as an external office when interior and design clients visit, so it needs to be easily maintained and tidied.

The basic retaining walls to create proper planting beds were laid a few weeks ago…. just a tree to dig up and a weed infested lawn to remove. No biggie. I was a bit sad about losing the lawn but there’s another one at the back of the house so I don’t feel too bird/insect guilty and there are compensatory plans afoot.IMG_5563Ten minutes later and the whole area was dug down to accommodate a solid but drainable base using compacted earth and sharp sand. 10omm deep paving is very unusual these days, 50mm is the maximum really, but you know us, we don’t do things by halves 😉

So the circle begins! I think Mr M was having a little rest here after all that tarmac and lawn digging, and very well deserved.CjJfMKwWYAEump-.jpg-largeLet me tell you, those setts are dirty and heavy. This may take some time….CjLD4K1XEAEkzO9.jpg-largeAlthough these boys? They work FAST, when gaffered properly of course:


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