Real Homes Awards: A Sneaky Peek

img_7604Yesterday was Fun with a capital F, mostly because there’s nothing I love better, apart from working on my own projects, than having a good old nosey around other peoples!!

As one of the judges on the 2016 Real Homes Transformation Awards, I get to have a sneaky real life peek into the amazing renovations and redesigns which some of their readers have very cleverly created. My round trip to Chesterfield, Yorkshire and then back to Manchester included a rather stunning bathroom and two very different kitchens, one designed and fitted by the homeowners and one professionally installed by a specialist designed, both equally inspiring.

No matter how long you’ve been designing, other peoples’ creativity is always a spark for new ideas and it’s fabulous to see things in the flesh as opposed to just on Pinterest. Jane was a natural chatting about her lovely kitchen below. Filming was fun and I may well be doing some more hints and tips videos with Real Homes soon, so I’ll be sure to share 🙂img_7611I love my job!!

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