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It’s (FINALLY!!) at that stage of our home transformation where I’m juggling samples and filtering down tile patterns, that point DIYers dream of when most of the mucky stuff is done and thoughts are turning to delicious things like colours and wallpaper, splashbacks and floors. For me this week, it’s been all about the tile. 2016-12-07_0001.jpgOh boy, there’s so much choice and I’m so torn. Tiles are having moment right?

Gone are the days of simply sticking in some metros and it all being cool in the bathroom or kitchen, now it’s all hexy this and herringbone that, chevron stripes and huge format wowsers – how on earth is a design lover to choose?

With so much choice out there it doesn’t make design sense to stick religiously to one supplier. I’ve a handful of favourite tile stores and flirt between then for different looks and budgets, but one which I keep going back to for exciting purchases at decent prices is Mandarin Stone. Famed for their stone and marble, MS are now getting quite the reputation for some gorgeously on trend and beautifully designed porcelains and ceramics.

They’re very good at showcasing their tiles in vignettes like the one below to give you inspiration in store and some of their images online are just to die for. Check out their IG account and swoon.img_0005I’d always popped (and sent clients) into their Wilmslow showroom, one of 8 stores dotted around the country but was hearing tell of treasure in the West Country. At the moment it takes A LOT to get me off site here as there’s still so much for us to do, but the lure of luxury finds was just too damn tempting. Apparently there was a yard packed full of bargains and as an expert rummager and yard searcher, I felt it my duty to investigate on your behalf 😉

Off to Monmouth we went. Roadtrip!

img_0004It was so worth it, I can’t even tell you how deliriously happy I am with my treasure. Wanna see?

I couldn’t resist this stunner of a marble bowl with gold and cream deliciousness swirling through it…..  img_0002An end of line pallet of the most delicious white stone pathway bricks for a steal of a price…img_9321And, oh, my viola marble. The beloved viola marble which I’ve been lusting after for about a year is finally mine!! Yes, it’s totally a luxury product, but at 6sqm within the shower area, I’ve worked out that this luxury product is cost doable for us. img_9310Making savings in some places to allow spending in others is the eternal juggle of a home renovator, especially one who hasn’t an unlimited budget but wants her home to look a million dollars. It’s a savvy design trick to add in small splashes of luxury to elevate a scheme.

Can I afford the viola bowl as well? Probably not as there wasn’t one in the bargain yard, but it doesn’t stop me loving it!img_9320There’ll be no fear of pattern here at Moregeous Mansions, I’m utterly determined to ban the blandness but there aren’t unlimited funds so clever shopping is key. MS ticks a lot of boxes on the wow front, as you can see below, plus keeps it price real on many products.Mandarin Stone Collage 2.jpgI was lucky enough to get sneaky peek at some of their new ranges for 2017 and am now itching to try those out too. That’s the problem with finding fab suppliers, they keep introducing great new stuff, how on earth is a designer to make their final choices!!

img_0003img_0007img_9314img_0001One slab of stone which did catch my eye was this Ox-Blood marble. I haven’t been into reds, deep burgundys and clarets for ages and they’ve felt a bit old hat. Funny how it caught my eye and felt fresh. Would work wonderfully with a monochrome look, with brasses and coppers, deep greens. Victoriana with a twist. Now there’s a thought….img_9299We had a cracking few hours there and I’d recommend a visit if you can. MS is a family run business (that’s them below) and that really comes across. They were kind enough to support our sensory garden at Withington Baths and I’ve been very much looking forward to using their products here at home. Particular thanks to Louisa and the very patient Ollie, I hope you’ll like what we do with your tiles!small-family

P.S. The Moregeous blog wasn’t paid for this post and didn’t receive freebies. We just like sharing our finds with you!


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