Morgeous Monday Moments

IMG_3654I’m going to kick off with something bright because it’s August, you know, when everything is so grey and miserable that we need a visual boost. Honestly, can you  believe this weather? Part of me wants to block anyone mentioning the other A-word but to be honest I can’t really blame them. This beauty in the photo is a late flowering summer bulb called Ornithogalum Saundersiae. I picked up a paper bag full at the Tatton Flower Show in 2015 but forgot to plant them in late Autumn as instructed, so last year they only gave me leaves and no petals. They’re obviously hardy little devils though, and because I’ve taken care to keep them in a sunny spot, not too damp but not too dry…. I’ve been rewarded. How stunning are the three teeny flowers just peeping through this morning? Watch out for more in my InstaGarden 🙂

Now, you might think nothing is as magical as nature but I’ve got news for you. I’ve got magic sand. Yes, you heard right. Magic. Sand.

IMG_3628Most people have golden sand in their driveways / paving but we do things differently here. You knew that anyway, or you wouldn’t be here! Who wants regular golden sand with their gorgeously grey herringbone? Not me. So we literally drove 100 miles to the only place in the UK which I could find the perfectly shaded, kiln dried, silver speckled sand my heart desired. Mad? No. Dedicated to detail? Yes.

I’ll show you the fruits of our driveway labour once it’s finished, once the lovely fine sand can trickle into the thin gaps without clogging, which can’t happen until the grey blocks are dry. So, sometime in 2018 at this rate.

Meanwhile upstairs in the extension bedroom, I’ve been beavering away wallpapering and boy, did I ever regret the insane decision to go shingletasic on the ceiling. Not a straight line or a right angle in sight, goddamn those plasterers.

IMG_3616This paper pretty much sums up my outside-in ethos but the light needs to go. It’s all wrong in this room, way too much geometric going on. He’s going to kill me, he’s already moved it from the dormer into here. Good job he loves his DIY Diva.

I think it’s pretty clear from the picture below that I don’t love the camera anywhere near as much as I love flooring. Eyes firmly down. Check those gorgeous Polyflor girls out, they know how to work the lens. Me, I’m imagining how those planks might look in the shingle bedroom….

IMG_3580That was when Mr M and I popped up to North Mcr to pick up some sample planks, and had the pleasure of meeting the faces behind the social media. I’m going to do a full post on why I’ve chosen LVT’s for a bedroom and why they’re a great option. Not sponsored, btw, my actual opinion! Hopefully we’ll be cracking on with the installation in the next fortnight.

As you can see, there’s lots of new stuff coming through in the Mansions but it’s always balanced by the rummaged, the rediscovered and the slightly bashed about.

IMG_3541My new favourite obsession galloped ahead this week after a rummage through this expert dealer’s cupboard for bottles and crockery. Boy, did our car rattle and clink back up the M6.

Not content with glassware, a trip to Failsworth’s Antique Mill brought out the Moregeous magpie. I love that I insta’d this trip and within 48hrs at least two people I know had visited, in fact not only visited but bought! The power of social media eh?
IMG_3611My new prosecco bucket, silver tray and vintage brass birdcage will all shine in different rooms, living their new lives at home with us. New can be wonderful, but vintage has heart.

See if you can spot them as we start to complete the rooms here. No prizes though, it won’t be too hard 😉 x

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