The Sunday Supplement: June 10

Moregeous House Tour Manchester LunchTwo Moregeous Mansions house tours done already, I can’t quite believe it! We’re both pinching ourselves at how much fun they’ve been (ok, ok, not the pre-cleaning bit) and just how many clearly house-bonkers people there are out there. But, this post is not about telling you all about that, oh no. I’ll pop another post on next week telling you all about our guests so far, what we did and the conundrums they’ve brought for me. This post is all about the start of a new weekly update about our progression her on site / at home.

Henceforth, *sound of trumpet*, on a Sunday we’ll have a flick through our very own Sunday Supplement, a little round up of the reno and interiors delights achieved, bought or attempted in the last week. Sometimes they’ll be big changes, something small. Sometimes glamorous, sometimes downright filthy. They’ll replace the (rarely posted) Moregeous Monday Moments about more general shenanigans, and now we’ve started the Airbnb tours, the Supplement somehow seems more fitting.

Without further ado let’s have a gander at this week’s momentous achievements!

img_4584The Ellie Cashman fabric I was raving about on the blog last week arrived! Literally two days after I’d ordered it, beautifully and waste-consciously packed too. It’s so luxuriously heavy, in a classic monochrome palette to complement the master bedroom and try to combat sunshine fading, but amazingly practical for window seating as it’s washable. That way I won’t be stressing out every time Builder Cat or the Rockster jumps up there to bask in the sun. I can’t wait for Loose Button Lee to get his hands on it and turn it into bum comfy seating.img_4588Talking of fabric, something else arrived, a rather spectacular square of gorgeousness ordered as a sample from Black Edition, part of the Romo group. Due to some issues outside of my control, I’m changing the seat pads in the dining room and am going to keep the Origami Rockets, from Kirkby Design, again part of Romo, which I first saw at Design Junction.

But instead of the russet hexagons, the reverse side will be this craquelure style fabric, keeping the palette simple in black and white but the impact levels high with the textured burnt or decayed wood effect. A little like what will be going on in the kitchen… and more of that coming up this summer. You see how I tease you? Get used to it 😉

dsc09002Mr M started to cover the concrete block pillars using left over scaffolding boards from our build. We’d had to build the pillars to support the leaning garden wall and of course then thought, lets make them decorative. They’re the right height for a G&T garden lean and will eventually have plant baskets or other such loveliness attached to the front. Garden bench made from reclaimed purlinNext to this pillar now sits a new bench, made from the huge 10m long timber purlin which ran the length of the part of the house which we demolished. We kept all the old timbers and will re-use them in some form or other. It’s been quite heart-warming for me – a die-hard & long time recycler – seeing this wood, wrapped up in protective tarpaulin for the last three years, starts to emerge and become useful again. Timber and me have always had a thing, ever since I bought me first place in 1996. It makes my heart sing.img_4500It’s totally normal to shunt & shuffle new veg beds around 37 times before you’re happy with their position right? Taking into account the sun, the shade, the view from the house, the view from Tweetin’ Corner, the distance apart, the distance from the bird bath so Builder Cat can’t hide behind the beans and leap out on unsuspecting sparrows. OMG, so many considerations. Finally nailed it though, and hopping to get them cemented in and built up this week!img_4169I got a second coat of varnish on the landing floorboards, after black staining them and sanding them back. The aim was to create a hybrid of the crisp black painted stair runner and the revealed pine treads & risers, a black floor through which we can see the texture and knots of the original pine. It’s worked a treat too, even though my feet were black for a week. The detail we renovators go to to achieve the perfect finish eh? I’ll post pictures when fully finished and explain how to do it. img_4534Back to re-cycling, well upcycling really, and I transformed this old book case this week. Again I’ll post a proper How To soon, but am so chuffed that not only does it look fab in Fusion’s Coal Black (bit obsessed with this mineral paint currently) but I also managed to use up 90% of the fabulous black and white A4 wallpaper samples we’d ordered when deliberating the upstairs hall decor. As you already know I finally plumped for the stripes but loved lots of the others, so to find a way to still enjoy them all, decoupaged onto the back of this piece of furniture, is ace! And no, it doesn’t live on the terrace, I just wanted to photograph it in a nice position and also include Mrs Mad About The House’s book to see if I can cunningly get my cabinet into her Monday blog round up. I do doubt it though as a) it doesn’t *really* follow the ‘room’ rules and b) it doesn’t follow the ‘room’ rules at all. Nice try though eh? 😉dsc08857.jpgNow this final one is a progress shot, but not really of the DIY variety. Since arriving in the Moregeous garden last September, terribly ill and very bedraggled, Rocky has gone from strength to strength. He’s becoming a truly lovely cat, with his slightly feral lashing outs diminishing in number every day, a huge bonus to my bare feet which bore the brunt of the obvious past ill treatment to him. We had the same with Builder Cat, also an abandoned stray, 8yrs ago. She swiped out at our feet for months. Is it a thing? It must be a thing.He sits proudly on the terrace, gazing out at his very own Pride Rock and I caught him slightly elevated in the brick display wall this week. We fall a little more in love with him every day.

That’s it for the Sunday Supplement today, I hope you liked this new direction on the blog. This week I’ll be posting about my Airbnb Experiences gang and am stoked to be heading out today to Make A Manchester Mosaic Bee with local artist and friend Amanda McCrann.

If I’ve time I’ll also post about the gardens I saw last week and maybe a How To on the cabinet. Or the bin store you’re all raving about on Instagram. See you in the week! x

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