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CarFest PudseyPudsey aside, I didn’t really know what to expect from our first visit to CarFest a couple of years ago. I say that as if just seeing Pudsey / stalking Pudsey / hugging Pudsey isn’t enough to make any weekend complete when clearly it absolutely is. No, what I mean is that I wasn’t sure whether it’d just be Pudsey and cars. As a non-petrolhead I felt a tad apprehensive in case it was literally that – all cars.

CarFest 2Now don’t get me wrong, there are cars, Oh boy, are there cars. Cars everywhere. But, she says, as someone who demands her other half assume full responsibility for their vehicular union, the cars are fun. From vintage to va-va-voom turbo charged racing specimens, it’s an awesome spectacle even for an A-to-B type like me. I’ve never been to Formula One and probably never will, so the thunderous, bone-shaking feel of a supreme specimen similar to Mr Red Bull below shooting past us on the track was pretty spectacular. CarFest 3It’s cool to see them all up close but if the petrolheads of the family want to stroke metal all day, then just let them, and wander off to do something else. There’s so much more to CarFest, as this ace video made from last year’s highlights shows…

It’s more FunFest really, but I’d imagine it’d cost them a bit much to change the name 😉 We’ve been twice now and both times had an absolute ball. There are fairgrounds and rides at ridiculously affordable prices. Yes, that’s Mr M stuck in a ghost train cart designed for someone half his size…CarFest 8Visitors flop down around huge arenas full of lively stuff like show jumping and giant dumper truck displays, and everyone just joins in a little like It’s A Knockout, all clapping and shouting and cheering on the competitors. It’s somewhere just to relax and enjoy the day, where kids race around quite safely and your bum gets grass stains from all the loafing around.CarFest 6One of my fav bits is the Vintage Village, crammed full of the most delicious stalls full of antique trinkets, kitchenalia, cakes and a fabulous bandstand in the middle where bands and singers capture times gone by. Next time we go, I definitely want my hair set in  1950’s curls. I may well wear a frock instead of jeans and cowboy boots! Mr M would faint.CarFest 1We took my dad and various teens but it’s ace for younger kids too, totally geared up for all ages and both sexes. The parade is a good laugh as well, breaking up the day’s wandering and keeping young ones entertained. All those tyre tracks below, that’s literally burned rubber. There’s a lot of that. Smelly, loud and great fun.CarFest 7And, you never know when you might bump into someone you recognise off the telly!! How friendly was Chris Evans when we were standing next to him and Pudsey watching the Vintage Village singers, happy to have a snap taken with Team Moregeous. I think it was Thea’s T-shirt wot swung it, I need to get me one of those.CarFest 5As the daytime shenanigans draw to a close, it’s time for the music to kick off in the big centre stage area, where organised festival goers (i.e. not us) take chairs and picnics and rugs and general organised type stuff. We’re a bit more fly by the seat of your pants type visitors, grabbing food from one of the multitude of food vans and heading into the middle of the crowd to bounce around for a bop. When you think about how expensive a ticket to a regular gig is now – £50-£100 easy – CarFest is an incredible day & night out. We’ve seen Kaiser Chiefs, Bryan Adams, Texas, Squeeze, The Feeling, The Vamps, Manic Street Preachers, Billy Ocean, Seal, Melanie C…. all in the two years we’ve been. And all in a fantastic family atmosphere with people & kids of every age, literally, even babies in their prams and jiving grannies. It’s ace.

This year George Ezra has been confirmed for the Friday – and we haven’t booked yet!!CarFest 4There’s no downside at all to taking a trip to this brilliant festival, not even grey clouds can dampen it’s spirits. The setting at Bolesworth Castle is completely stunning as well,   with a backdrop worthy of a Sunday night drama.CarFest North Bolesworth HouseSo what are you waiting for? Whether you’re looking for a weekend away camping or just a day out, CarFest is such a fabulous option. We’ve never camped there, but have driven down to Cheshire, parked up then come home after the gig. Time wise it’s always been ok too, not hours and hours of queuing but do expect a good hour to get off the car park. It’s holiday time anyway (no school next day), the kids fall asleep and you look through all your photos whilst the designated driver tuts at people trying to push in 😉CarFest North Evening ConcertCarFest North is on the Bolesworth Estate in Cheshire and I think there are still some tickets left for this year so……. look lively! There is a CarFest South too, if you’re not up north like us.

PS No payment took place for this blog post, I just really, really enjoy this event and think you might too, Sian x

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