Ceramic Wallpaper? Yep, It’s Officially A Thing

Ceramic wallpaper Paper 41 ProThey don’t call me the wallpaper wizard for nothing but even I had my decorating  socks blown off today when I came across this… Ceramic wallpaper. Yep, you heard me right. Ceramic wallpaper.

It’s a never ending adventure of pattern and texture in the Manchester HQ of Casa Ceramica. I’ve bought lots of gorgeousness from them for Moregeous Mansions, including the fabulous Lilypads for my fireplace, the  stars up in the bedroom and the industrial subways on the dining room chimney breast. We definitely have a bit of a  tiling thing going on here.2018-10-25_0001It’s a stone cold fact that there’s nothing like seeing a gorgeous tile up close and personal to make you fall in love with it. Somehow they look so different online or in pictures than in real life. I’ve been quite fixated on a particular tile in the past and almost ordered several metres, but then seen it up close and changed my mind. And vice versa too, being a bit meh about a tile in a press release then seeing it’s lusciousness with my own eyes and just having to have it.

That’s why I love Casa, with hundreds of samples from the super affordable to the aspirationally decadent. Most are extraordinary, Spanish or Italian made and at the very cutting edge of ceramic, encaustic or porcelain design. Which brings me onto these revolutionary beauties.

img_9127.jpgRecent developments in technology have resulted in new porcelain slabs at super slim thicknesses. These large format tiles are lightweight but super strong, making them suitable for overlaying on existing surfaces or on doors or lightweight structures. Mostly of this style of new slab are stone or marble effect, which is why these new decorative panels are so interesting.

At just 3.5mm thick, let me introduce you to 41zero42’s waterproof, stain resistant, ceramic wallpaper. img_9126Digitally printed and cold glazed, the panels are 500mm wide by 1000mm high and come in a variety of options. All bold. All creative. All wow.paper41-slider09Pretty much indestructible in a commercial environment, they either repeat or flow across botanical or geometric patterning. They’re so cool. I’m imagining the five series below on a wall and the middle one being a secret door. A green wall of dreams, pretty much. Oh the design fun you could have.img_9152I suspect you could turn the three various geo ones below upside down, if you so wished. Great colours. But awful pics, sorry, these have been snapped from the website as I thought you might like a taster of the range available.img_9148
img_9146There’s always something new to lust over in the Casa showroom, which is why I love visiting. Although these are the first ceramic ‘wallpaper’ panels I’ve seen, something tells me they won’t be the last. Will most people spec them for their homes? No. Will some brave souls? Sure. Without doubt home lovers are becoming bolder than ever before and the desire for unique interiors coupled with innovative material technology is starting to throw up some incredible products.

Just like these. Like ’em?

The full range and technical info is here https://www.41zero42.com/collezioni/paper41-pro-eng/, or alternatively  just call Duncan on 0161 870 2108.

Happy wallpapering. Or tiling. Or whatever 🙂

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