Summer 2019 : Workshop, Fair & Fizz: How To Create A Stylish Salvage Home

I am THRILLED with a capital thrill to be working with the people who organise one of my most favourite days out, the Decorative Home & Salvage Arthur Swallow Fair, for this summer’s Cheshire shows. Brand new for 2019, alongside the superb salvage & industrial items, the period home fixtures & fittings, the decorative & architectural antiques, the garden furniture, the restored & up-cycled pieces and unique homeware – phewf, can I take a breath after that lot?? – is a series of workshops designed to inspire home lovers.

One of the things I’m frequently asked about on our renovation days is where I source the one-off treasures at Moregeous HQ. Whether you’re layering your look onto a new build or renovating an old home, it’s all too easy to fall into the trap of buying everything new and then wondering why the finished scheme seems a bit soulless. I’m always hunting for treasure, every where I go, and it sometimes it stays as is, but often gets reinvented. Over the years, many pieces have come from this brilliant fair.

So, fancy a rummage yourself to add serious salvage soul to your home? Come on down on Saturday 8th June 1pm to 2pm or Saturday 3rd August 11am to 12pm when I’ll be sharing my favourite DIY tricks, sourcing tips and expert advice for making a unique, stylish and affordable home using salvage, reclaimed and repurposed items.

Book here for your ticket to get entry, a glass of fizz and our hour long session. I want to hear your best buying tips too!

The first sessions at Ripley went really well, by the look of the photos…

Do introduce yourself and say hi on Instagram if you’re going to come along 🙂

If you can’t make Manchester, as unforgivable as that is, I’ll still let you download the 2019 date calendar HERE as there are others across the country x

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