Vid & Images : Boozy Brunch-Lunch & An Online Cook-Along

Shine bright you Brunch Gods! Oh wow, we were so lucky with the weather for this weekend’s event, literally couldn’t have ordered better if it were an on demand item. Apparently it’s National Afternoon Tea Week (sorry but who makes this stuff up?) so we really started it off perfectly!

Our guests were incredibly well fed by Chef Claire, honestly I’ve no idea how she managed to pull off such an ambitious menu in that sweltering heat from half a kitchen. Look how happy everyone is!

Can we put in some kind of order for nice weather for the rest of the summer please, as there’s so much still to come – Pete’s incredible Manc Asado (only 4 tickets left), Dinner By Ness’s sumptuous Middle Eastern Feast and Crispy Balls’ Spanish Spectacular on Bank Holiday Saturday! The garden looks so lush when the sun shines in August, enhanced by Cheryl here as you can clearly see 😉

The food was absolutely top notch. We started with breakfast canapés…

…moved onto Eggs Benedict with Claire’s home cooked (and the most succulent) ham hock drizzled with thick hollandaise. Then a cheeky sandwich and pastries platter, all washed down with chilled BYO Prosecco….

….before finishing with puddings to die for, raspberry lemon fancies and lemon posset. I felt bad telling people there was no Pimms granita left then hiding it in the freezer, honest I did 😉

We’re thinking that another one in September might be the order of the day, and definitely a Christmas Boozy Brunch-Lunch. Let me know in the comments if you’d fancy coming to one of those 🙂

Righto, I need to send out a Thank You email to the guests who attended this event and then get the ingredients mailed out to you lovely people who’ve booked onto our £10 Cook-Along on Friday night. Claire and I are super excited about this, if a little nervous to be honest. It’s a whole new online world! We’re planning it for those maybe too far away to come to one of our Supper Clubs, or shielding, or for people who rarely cook for their other halves, or want to learn new skills and not just have another night in front of the TV. Reminds me of that 70’s TV show Why Don’t You – what did they sing… go and do something less boring instead? Like cook with us!!

If you’re not doing anything 7-9pm and fancy doing something less boring instead, why not cook an Italian spectacular with us to round the week off. I’ll pop more details up tmw but don’t wait for that, make my night and BOOK HERE now :-)))))

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