Clean 18 : Butchers Meat & Paper Bags

It's not just the 5p plastic carrier bags in supermarkets which cause lots of problems, but the ubiquitous plastic wrapping around every single product filling our shopping bags. There's a fabulous organic store in Manchester called Unicorn Grocery which Mr M and I have been going to for years. Their wrapping policy is strictly old... Continue Reading →

Moregeous Monday Moments: 5 Feb

"Monday Moments" I am so fibbing. And I've been so bloggin' good so far this year, until now. Yesterday was Monday but I was out all day exploring at the NEC's Spring Fair, so Monday Moments is brought to you courtesy of Tuesday. With it so far? Oh good. Yesterday was a great day. It's... Continue Reading →

Inspiration: Show Off Your Shingles

If you're searching for a wonderfully natural but also intrinsically unique way to add personalisation to your home or garden, look no further. I found them for you. You're welcome. Totally nailing current interior desires for the organic and the individual, shingles can be stained, painted, cut, shaped or left entirely as god intended them,... Continue Reading →

Moregeous Monday Moments 29 Jan

The end of January?! How did that happen already. I'm figuring some of you are cheering the end of Dry January? I attempted it. It didn't last. Although there was a level of temperance with only the festive booze finished off and no 'extras' bought, so there was an element of virtuosity. All extra cash... Continue Reading →

Inspiration: Grow a Tree Indoors

You lot really don't need me to describe how red hot a trend greenery has been over the last couple of years, a trend which according to reports from Maison et Object 2018 shows no sign of abating. The phrase 'bringing the outdoors in' might be a bit done in the sense of simply scattering... Continue Reading →

Moregeous Monday Moments: 22 Jan

How's your DIY year started, got any done? 2018 has started off brilliantly for us on the reno front, with not only all the dining room action but also some cheeky floor laying upstairs in the extension. The last of the three new build first floor rooms was skimmed just prior to Christmas, so I could finally... Continue Reading →

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