Share: CarFest Family Fun

Pudsey aside, I didn't really know what to expect from our first visit to CarFest a couple of years ago. I say that as if just seeing Pudsey / stalking Pudsey / hugging Pudsey isn't enough to make any weekend complete when clearly it absolutely is. No, what I mean is that I wasn't sure... Continue Reading →

Reveal: The Moregeous Terrace

Slowly, slowly we're getting to the reveal bits at Moregeous HQ. Well, I say that, but those of you who've been here on our walking workshops know exactly which bits you're looking at. Still changing though isn't it, as Mr M and I work through the parts which weren't completed when you came? With me... Continue Reading →

The Sunday Supplement: July 8th

Anyone else now realise why people in Mediterranean countries, or, any country toastier than ours, give off those mañana vibes and have a much more relaxed attitude to work than us Brits? Bloody nora, doing DIY in this heat is some kind of punishment. I thought it was bad a fortnight ago when Dave the... Continue Reading →

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