Moregeous Monday Moments

In an alternative universe somewhere, or maybe just in a Russian oligarch's daughter's world, there's a chef under strict instruction to always coordinate stunning food with designer tableware. Such was my delight at the realisation my 'new' rose pink vintage bowls were in fact not rose pink at all but prawn pink, that it made... Continue Reading →

Styling & Papering For A Bathroom Shoot

Sometimes a job comes through which you know will totally have you up against the clock but will also be great, great fun. In my world of designing, specifying and creating, such jobs also generally mean confident, forward thinking brands. That's often quite easy for smaller companies, but for larger established brands taking a design-risky... Continue Reading →

Share: Zinsser B-I-N Primer Sealer

Sometimes on a job, whether big or small, half the battle can be finding the right product to use to get it done properly. Experience or trial and error(!) play a big part but occasionally it's being pointed in the right direction by good tradespeople. So it was when we opened up the original timber ceiling to... Continue Reading →

How To Work Garden Grey With Whites & Greens

The trend for greys in gardens is well established for 2015, updating outside spaces with contemporary hues and a modern vibe. So, alongside creating the bee friendly Buzzingly Beautiful and grow your own Herby Entertaining space  on my recent Bents garden / interiors challenge, I also chose to create a romance filled, classic design, easily recreated in a... Continue Reading →

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