Styling & Papering For A Bathroom Shoot

IMG_2409Sometimes a job comes through which you know will totally have you up against the clock but will also be great, great fun. In my world of designing, specifying and creating, such jobs also generally mean confident, forward thinking brands. That’s often quite easy for smaller companies, but for larger established brands taking a design-risky leap of faith is quite brave, in my opinion. The safer route is to steer the middle course and not risk alienating your core market, so I was delighted when Team Triton approved the three looks I proposed for their new season bathroom shoot to launch a top secret product. Larger brands are getting bolder with their choices and that’s super for us consumers.

I’m certainly not going to steal a march on them by revealing the finished end results (looking fab, though I say so myself!), but here are some mini photographic vignettes featuring some of the bits ‘n’ bobs we pulled together for the looks. Can I just say, how fabulous is the British High Street? Creating on trend, stylish sanctuaries affordably really couldn’t be easier at the moment. There’s simply no excuse for a shabby bathroom.

DSC06015Turning one room into three different looks whilst getting top quality shots and video content is no mean feat. We decided to first paint, then paper, then paper again, with you know who doing the pasting. I absolutely adore wallpaper in bathrooms as you might have noticed with what’s going on in Moregeous Mansions.

We started off with a deep rich Downpipe grey, then lifted the mood with an elegant Designers Guild marbleised green called Lustro Zinc, then finally went a bit wild with Feathr’s Swan Lake in rose. Two amazing papers which hugged our walls like a dream.


Pink swan wallpaperEveryone pulled together and got stuck in to transform the room for all three shoots and there’s no two ways about it – the team that sweats in a bathroom together, eventually smiles in a bathroom together.

The TeamMatt and Owen at Triton Showers, you were ace – thanks for the opportunity to work together. I can’t wait to share the finished pictures when your new campaign is ready ximg_2372.jpg
PS If your brand is looking for a super stylist who can wallpaper at 100mph, don’t hesitate to get in touch 😉

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