Reveal: The Moregeous Terrace

Slowly, slowly we're getting to the reveal bits at Moregeous HQ. Well, I say that, but those of you who've been here on our walking workshops know exactly which bits you're looking at. Still changing though isn't it, as Mr M and I work through the parts which weren't completed when you came? With me... Continue Reading →

Inspo: Ordering My Ellie Cashman Fabric

Gawd, I've been rubbish at writing up renovation updates recently, there's simply been too much going on. I kinda think it's always better to have the full reveal as a tonic to all the dust and we're definitely getting there with finished rooms now here at Moregeous Mansions - at last! Steel yourselves, there's some... Continue Reading →

How To Upcycle An Existing Kitchen

Working on glamorous TV ads and expensive houses is fabulous (and I adore that side of my job, obv), but sometimes as a designer / builder I get asked to help out on projects whose budgets are not quite so adventurous. Can it be said that these types of projects usually aim for the Pennine... Continue Reading →

Reveal: My Indust-Lux Dining Room

Aaaaaaaaaand, relax. We can finally sit on soft seating, lean at a comfy angle, grab a plate, invite some pals over and eat dinner in comfort. In all our twelve years in this house, we've never had a great dining room. That's not to say we've never had great dinners, either as a family or... Continue Reading →

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