Moregeous Monday Moments

I know. It’s been a few weeks since I wrote a post on what we’ve been up to here at home with our reno. Like Mondays haven’t existed, when actually of course they have, like the other six days of the week we try and cram as much into as possible. I’ve been working away on shoots and styling jobs quite a bit plus juggling our lovely tenants, so even though the renovation has continued pootling on since March, my MMM blog posts fell by the wayside slightly.

As photographic proof of the above, this is me in the middle of swapping a bathroom from one look to another, dressed entirely appropriately for wallpapering as you can see. Ahem.

Using one amazing Designers Guild paper post-second-shoot as the base for the third shoot’s spectacular Feathr paper was possibly one of the most decadent decorating decisions I’ve ever made. I’ve some fab images of this styling work coming up soon and kudos to Triton for being so brave on the looks chosen.

IMG_2405Let’s have a Moregeous Mansions catch up then shall we?

Regular readers will already know from reading about my new Ikea-hacked botanical headboard and some beautiful vintage green tiles that the Pavilion bedroom is nearly finished. That’s bedroom No2 pretty much in the bag, with both the main bathroom and en-suite nailed too. In the main bathroom I’m just getting to nice bits. I wallpapered the ceiling after weeks of umming and ahhing about which paper to use, and then obviously deciding on the very one I’d most liked in the first place all those months ago, a deep dark Cole & Son botanical. Like the first dress tried on, this is often the way with pattern. IMG_0014In that same bathroom I’ve drawn up the shower screen to reflect the size and format of the marble tiles and am waiting on a quote to have it fabricated. The sooner there’s a screen in there to stop Mr M turning it into a water park everytime he has a shower, the better.  How does he do that, water gets literally everywhere!

I also want a copper window cill, as you do. Even though everyone keeps telling me it’ll need constant polishing. Surely I can laquer it or something to save on elbow grease? Where there’s a will there’s a way, I say.

2017-07-10_0001Things take us such a long time ’cause we agonise over every detail on site. This, as most of you will know from personal experience, is the curse of the self-renovator. How to make new skirtings, copied from the old ones, meet with the originals is a dilemma made more difficult as the stair skirts are totally different to anywhere else in the house. I’ve decided the meeting should be purposeful and intentional, not try to hide it. So, they’re going to kiss like this. Mwah!IMG_1934Outside we took advantage of the glorious weather to build a new log store and rapidly decided that it couldn’t just be a log store, but also had to be a table, cooking station, gin bar, sheltered seat and dancing podium. A multi-tasking log store, one might say. We used up lots of pieces of timber already piled in the garage, plus lengths of scaffolding left behind after the building of that extension you see behind Mr M. Proper re-purposing, exactly what we love doing here.

IMG_2261I’ll do a separate post on how we (and therefore you can) put this together, so if you fancy a weekend DIY project pop back in the coming weeks.

Of course, you know me and the whole thing had to have something to make it not just gorgeous but Moregeous. The higher level gin bar needed to sparkle and what better to make something sparkle that stars right? I tested them out with a cheeky red and they appeared to work just fine. You can test them out with your G&T, when you visit 😉

IMG_2285You might have to be quick though because if that Goat’s Rue in the background gets any bigger, you might not be able to get in the garden. He’s grown even higher and wider this week. Ever planted anything which you expect to be a manageable size and it just ended up going completely mad and taking over?? I think we may need an intervention….

OK, that’s your six Monday moments for this week, and I’ve not even touched on the ensuite or master bedroom or ideas for the kitchen. There’s too much going on!

Also, there are lots of Stories over on Instagram where you’ll see the changes as they are happening and can tell me if you like what we’re doing x

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