Moregeous Monday Moments

I know. It's been a few weeks since I wrote a post on what we've been up to here at home with our reno. Like Mondays haven't existed, when actually of course they have, like the other six days of the week we try and cram as much into as possible. I've been working away... Continue Reading →

Moregeous Monday Moments

I feel like I live in a recycling centre. There's cardboard everywhere: lights in boxes, tiles in boxes, fabric in boxes and not a moment spare to get all this delicious stuff on the actual walls. We've been away filming so much that poor old Moregeous Mansions isn't exactly progressing at warp speed but we can... Continue Reading →

A Renovator’s Guide to Rewiring

Yes, I know it's back to front, but what do you expect when shopping for tea in Sainsburys at 9.30 at night after a very long day and you spot your article title on the mag rack! Great to be commissioned by Homebuilding & Renovating Magazine to write a feature on rewiring, with particular reference... Continue Reading →

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