Moregeous Monday Moments – 5 March

I know, it's been a month, but at least that means we've been busy doing absolutely loads at the house, doesn't it?! Plus it hasn't been a post free month or anything, I have been pretty good at writing up some of the cool things seen at Spring Fair and emerging 2018 interior trends. There's lots... Continue Reading →

Moregeous Monday Moments

Crikey, it's Monday!! Something must be aligning correctly in the universe for me to be writing this on an actual Monday instead of, contrary to the post title, a.n.other day entirely. As I lie here (yep, writing this duvet ensconced, I'm typing furiously as the electricians will be here in less than an hour to... Continue Reading →

Update: The Bathhouse Project

Everyone loves a good project right, but how would you feel about about a super sized room in super high temperatures on a super tight time scale! Let me tell you none of those things are putting us or the heritage Withington Baths' staff off, oh no. They/re made of tough Northern stuff here. Let's take a... Continue Reading →

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