Business: Tenant arrears getting worse, but eased with help from Gemini Debt Collection

Rear arrears for landlords area serious concern right now, and some quite scary figures show at least 1 in 3 landlords have tenants who are struggling to pay their rents. I noticed it about 18 months ago, tenants started giving notice to move back with parents or siblings, and the one bedders which had... Continue Reading →

Tenant and arrears, not a combo landlords like!

Recent reports by the NLA and in the press suggest this combo is on the┬áincrease:'Half_a_million_tenants_in_arrears'&type=news_feed and I am definitely finding that tenants, both the ones already ensconced in my little flats and the ones coming to view are far more money savvy and focused, and are reckoning up every penny. Life has just become... Continue Reading →

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