Business: Tenant arrears getting worse, but eased with help from Gemini Debt Collection

Rear arrears for landlords area serious concern right now, and some quite scary figures show at least 1 in 3 landlords have tenants who are struggling to pay their rents.

I noticed it about 18 months ago, tenants started giving notice to move back with parents or siblings, and the one bedders which had been single-occupied suddenly had only couples checking them out, on a mission to save funds. One tenant signed up for six months, but found he hadn’t done his sums properly, and simply didn’t have enough funds left at the end of each month to pay his bills. Sensibly he recognised this early, asked me if he could cut short his tenancy agreement, I advertised it, and within three weeks, he was back at home, but not in debt.

I was very stupid with another tenant who got into difficulties and I let it go on. This guy Dariush Ossanlow is a musician with a group called The Shiayans, and he stalled and stalled and said a cq was coming from his management, and like a fool I believed him. Then he said he’d signed on and Housing Benefit were paying it, so I contacted them and that was a lie too! So what can you do? He did a flit before Xmas, signing an agreement to pay £200 per month but of course, guess what, he has refused to take all calls or return messages after that, so he still owes a huge £1200. I got judgment against him but he has no fixed address, and his mother just laughed when I rang there asking for him – like mother like son eh – saying tough luck, he does it all the time and there’s nothing you can do. Nice huh. Another (a friend of a friend which made it worse) Matt, is a self employed landscape gardener, and told me work had dried up and then did a flit owing £400. Chasing him right now, and even though I bent over backward to help him and his kids out, he won’t return my calls. Awful people. But what goes around comes around, I believe.

I’ve overheard a few conversations recently where people have been talking about not paying their rent, and getting away with it, like it’s some kind of badge of honour. I want to bop them on the head when I hear this. It’s an appalling way to behave, as though landlords have endlessly deep pockets and can subsidise their tenants lifestyles and not be affected when they don’t pay their rent. Most landlords of good ‘normal’ properties (and I don’t mean cram em in HMO landlords against whom I have a real beef) have mortgages to pay, books to balance, and surprisingly to most people, aren’t making huge profits out of their tenants.

Aaaaaanyway, here’s the point of this rant…. I found a great company, so helpful, and the guy I’ve spoken to there James Bevan is really knowledgeable, and friendly to boot. I’ve called them up a couple of times now, and had a consistently good service, try them for yourself, if, unfortunately, you need their services!

Gemini Debt Collection :

01933 626252

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  1. I’m sorry you also have been victim of Dariush Ossanlow. He’s been a tenant from hell. You probably wouldn’t believe the way he treated me. I have his new address if it will help you. I don’t know wether to take him to the Small Claims Court or use a debt collector, but I don’t want any violence. He drives around in a new Range Rover… with no tax!! He tells me he is very wealthy and has the best lawyers in uk. I feel sorry for his girlfriend who seems rather innocent …unless she’s as bad! She is a petit blond lady called Radka.
    You can contact me on 07881820471

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