Walnut /Zebrano worktops

I just can’t seem to get my head around the whole “I’m a landlord therefore I should not spend any extra time and effort on the interiors of flats I rent out”
Me, I think boring places are tougher to rent out. If a place has style and a cool decor, it stands to reason it’s going to be easier to get a tenant. Do renters not read Elle Decor?! Course they do!
As a result of this some would say rather foolish preoccupation with rental nirvana, I spent a large part of today searching for the perfect  worktop for a monochrome kitchen for Project Cathedral. White high gloss units from Ikea on steel legs, black high gloss polished tiles, and a fab splashback called Magnolia from Caple. Well, it’s fab, but it also makes the choice of worktop really bloody difficult. 
Finally decided on walnut, as Project Cathedral has high white ceilings into the roof void so a dark floor will look stunning, and the kitchen is part of the large living area. Most I found were crap. Dull, characterless, lacking any warmth (a bit is needed in a monochrome kitchen, unless you are an architect :-)) and not remotely resembling wood.
But these, by Durpoal, I liked, having physically taken the samples and compared them to lots of others. These three all have upstands and splashbacks to match. Get an account with one of the suppliers on the web-site http://www.duropal.co.uk, and they deliver, prices circa £90 per 4m length.
Loved the Tuscan Olive and Ikebana (the bottom two) but decided the splashback needed something plainer, so went for the Walnut Woodblock mix. 

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