My hands are killing me still today, itching, and loads of those blister things, it’s crap not knowing what they are. Didn’t sleep well at all, hands on fire. Even had to get one of the lads in B&Q to lift a tub of paint into the boot of my car, granted it was a 15L one, but still, embarrassing.

Back and forth to Project Cathedral taking grout etc; looks fab fab fab. Kitchen almost in now, bathroom be in by tomorrow.
Racing around to get materials for Bishops Corner. Have to go though finances for Goulden, quite excited about that finally getting built after 4 years. The architects won’t believe it, I think they think I’ve given up on it. I still bloody might have to if no-one will finance it, depends what the end value is.
Want to go and paint at Project Lennon tonight, but can’t cause of hands, damnit, how frustrating.

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