Project Bishop – revamping a grotty communal area

It never ceases to amaze how little thought goes into the vast majority of new build apartment schemes’ communal areas. Just take a look at the picture above!

We’re not talking about following a Candy & Candy specification, obviously, but just putting a little more thought into the regular schemes built in cities all over the UK where ordinary people rent, or own and live. There is no excuse with a new build, a little pre-planning would make all the difference, but developers want to spend as little as humanly possible in these areas cause there’s no return from the outlay – no-one buys the communal area so there are no £’s per square foot.

But surely they should think about this: the return comes from people enjoying living there and staying, landlords finding it easier to rent out a flat in a building with a lovely communal area, so buying more from the same developer, but hey ho, what do I know?

Delighted to win a contract at a the block above today, see pictures for befores, bit grim huh! Planning a slate and stone palette, repainting walls, creating a plant box and just generally bringing a rather tired space back to life. The block houses 60 flats, and the hallway has got steadily more battered in the 7yrs since it was built; an old blue carpet, marked walls and uninspired decor. Marcin and the boys are busy getting on with my redesign and though it’s not repainted yet, it’s already looking tonnes better, with favourable comments from the tenants. There was already a solid floor so it was relatively easy to tile with natural slate, which has then been sealed with a colour enhancer and gloss finish. In the next couple of days it’ll be repainted and plants brought in, making it a hallway for the residents to notice and be proud of. I believe if you create better environments, people do have respect for them, and take better care…. here’s hoping eh!

Slate down but walls yet to paint!

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