Credit crunch affects my tenant relationships!

So, one lot of tenants has moved out due to a relationship split – I am debating getting couples to do a compatability test before allowing them to live in one of my flats cause twentysomethings are always splitting up! We’ve a problem as the sound travel has always been appalling between that flat and the one above. It was supposed to have been insulated between the joists by the builders but I suspect when we go in today and take down a bit of the ceiling to check, we will find air as opposed to rockwool. So a false ceiling is the order of the day, with rigid Kingspan filling the gap between the battens and possibly insulated plasterboard as well. A lot of hard work for something which should have been done in the first place grrrrrrrr.

Another flat is coming empty at the end of March, the tenant has lost his job and can’t find another one, so he’s off to London. It’s cheap so should go quickly, but is also tiny so no-one over 5’5″ can live there without discomfort 🙂
And yet another one empty on 11 April, the tenant has been in for 3 years so it’ll need a bit of an overhaul to bring it up to scratch. She’s moving in with her sister to save on costs.
It’s a bit of a worry when a few flats come empty, all of a sudden the income drops and in this competitive market, they’ve got to be great to let in order to go quickly. However today’s better than last Saturday, when there were 6 available, because 3 went all in one day, I was up and down the stairs like a maniac. Have all the paperwork to do now for the 3 new lots of tenants, who are all very excited at moving into their new pads. Very dull, paperwork. Think I may put it off til this afternoon.

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