Has your garden squirrel got alopecia?

Squirrel with hair loss & bald patches from scoffing on too many peanuts

I love the wildlife in my garden and living ten minutes from Manchester city centre, that’s no mean feat… to have wildlife that is, not to love living in Manchester. The foxes get crunchy bones fresh from the local butchers, the goldfinches get niger seeds, my varied and cheeky bluetits get all the seeds they can manage and the squirrels got peanuts. Any problem there? No, me neither. Until my favourite squirrel, an old girl who pops into the kitchen on occasion when she fancies a cashew, suddenly went bald. Big stripes, utterly hairless, awful. Last year we had a fox with mange who lost all his hair so I treated him using homeopathic medicines every night for 3 weeks (pills tucked in burgers and drops on jam sandwiches – no mean feat in the Manchester rain)

After trawling the net to find something on squirrel hair loss (no I couldn’t quite believe I was doing it either), I found the amazing Clarissa Summers, queen of rescuing baby sqidgies and  hand rearing them.

And she tells me………. it’s the bloody peanuts!!!!! Excessive peanut eating can give squirrels alopecia. How guilty did I feel? She had gorged on the peanut feeder non-stop. So it was swiftly moved well out of the way and I followed Clarissa’s advice of feeding my squidgie walnuts, hazelnuts and cashews, which she’ll take from my hand. Low and behold all her fur is growing back two weeks later. I know most people don’t really like them, but her site is a revelation, squirrels don’t get fleas or bite humans, and well, I think Clarissa is a superstar. World No1 expert!!!!
Contact her on: jbsum@hal-pc.org

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  1. Not sure who this is going to, but I love your article on squirrels and how you found the answer to fur loss on my web page. Long story short, web page is not longer with hal-pc, but now I have my own web page called : clarissasquirrels.com that I hope you will visit and forgive any grammatical mistakes or typographical errors which were caused by my “editing” brother but I think have mostly been put back to rights again — even though I’m still not totally pleased with it! — (more below)

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