Wall stickers go up on Stick Em up Saturday

Spent the day signing up a new tenant, and also on a(nother) trip to Ikea. God bless it when you need to furnish a rental flat, and it’s never ending supply of affordable, decent quality and likeable flat fillers. I Love It. Can’t stand Ashton, worship Warrington, can find my way round the place blindfolded. And wonderfully it was quiet today, due to the impending Mothers Day tmw (everyone was in M&S fighting over the meal deal salmon for your mum offers).
Project Lennon is ready to furnish, oak floor is down, and I managed to get all the main furniture and shelving etc (but not the sofa which is coming from Coach House – more on that later)….., well, with the help of lots of Ikea boys to carry the stuff for me (bad back) then got totally distracted by stickers. Project Cathedral had the perfect wall, and with a monochrome theme already going on, and a floral splashback in place, it was Saturday sticker city.
Slatthult at Ikea £9.78 per pack, took 4 for a wall this size.

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