Fabulous colourful sofas at Birmingham Interiors 2009

No more boring beige sofasI saw these fabulous sofas showcased at Birmingham Interiors this year and find myself inspired. I’m not exactly the beige queen but am hereby making a resolution to  banish the buying of dull settees from my life. It’s hard to find such amazing sofas for affordable prices for our rental flats, but I’m determined not to focus whole rooms around bloody beige furniture!

Best of this bunch has to be the Timorous Beasties fabric above, unexpectedly finding itself wrapped around the back of this rather funky little Ercol two seater, but these colourful numbers below are guaranteed to lift your spirits too 🙂
I especially like the chevrons, though maybe not with this mirror…No more boring beige sofasNo more boring beige sofasFabulous colourful sofas at Birmingham Interiors 2009

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