Listen Up Landlords! The All-New NRLA Podcast

I am so late to the podcast party, and feel silly to admit that. Although I enjoyed hosting a few guest podcasts a couple of years ago for Sofa Workshop, I’ve never really got into listening to them… not until now anyhow!

Louis Theroux’s Grounded series saw me through our recent bathroom makeover – not quite finished so can you do some more Louis, so I can complete it? The new Living Etc series Home Truths with Pip McCormac is an absolute delight, spesh mentions to the Matthew Wiliamson episode which is just so down to earth and full of glamorous mentions, and the Seb Cox one which just sang to me, full of authentic passion and great advice, plus he just chatted about wood and timber – right up my street!

I’m also listening to the new National Residential Landlord’s Association Podcast, hosted by NRLA chief exec Ben Beadle and landlord & investor Richard Blanco, two super personable and highly experienced experts in their field. And I promise I’m not just saying that ’cause they kindly invited me on their very first episode, you know me, I’m not that easily bought 😉 It’s jam packed with spot on advice, up to date conversations and topical subject matter, essential for any landlord to keep abreast of, especially when we can’t get out and about to expert events and fact to face meetings.

Listen Here: Listen Up Landlords

Have a listen and let me know what you think, and tag me into any other great podcasts you think I might enjoy,

Sian x

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