Tilezine Feature For The Moregeous Terrace

Morning Gang!

Watch out this week for some cracking posts full of renovation tips on tiling with porcelain, based on the work we did here and the longevity and performance of the products used. Thanks so much to Norcros Adhesives for deciding to work with us 3yrs ago and get us to road test a selection of products, all of which have more than stood this first test of time.

I’d like to think that tiling industry news bringer Tilezine have featured our terrace as it looks so damn fiiiiiine but it’s more likely they like the fact that several products were live tested and Norcros is a well respected player in their industry.

Still…. does look good doesn’t it πŸ˜‰

Collab Info: We received free product to test out thoroughly and will be writing a more in depth blog post for our renovation readers about the how’s and why’s later this week.

Thanks again to Norcros for trusting that we’d do a cracking job and provide a stunning looking case study πŸ™‚

Thanks also to tiler Dave Dobson for most excellent tiling skillz.

To find our more about Norcros products, including the ones we used, click this link.

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