New Fav Job Title: “Reclamation Friendly Design Consultant”

I’ve been called many things in my time, not all of them repeatable on a respectable blog so let’s stick to work 😉 Over the years, my life in property and interiors has covered many bases, from landlord to project manager, interior designer to lady builder. This week though, this week I read my new favourite: “Reclamation-friendly design consultant”

I BLOODY LOVE IT. It’s weird isn’t it, when someone describes you and what you do, and you’d never thought of yourself in those terms. It stops you in your tracks and makes you you reconsider yourself, maybe even reconsider the work you undertake. Many of us morph and change our careers, especially if self-employed. We react and refine according to market forces, customer demand and sometimes as a result of the different directions we find ourselves heading in. I’ve worked on many client projects over the years and the ones which give me the most joy are the ones where my clients embrace reclamation and shared my joy in precious salvaged lighting, unique decorative pieces or even whole walls of timber.

This week I had the lovely surprise of being featured on the extraordinary resource that is SalvoWeb, in their news section where writer Shirley Kay penned this phrase when she linked to me in their directory. I don’t know why but I’d just never thought of myself as a ‘reclamation-friendly’ designer before, but I totally am, and the description just made me beam. It’s a direction to encourage future clients to embrace and a good focus for design, client and consultancy work.

If you’re anything like me and love salvage then SalvoWeb is a veritable treasure trove to explore and find wonderful pieces for your home or your clients’ projects. Please do take a look and support them online during a time when traders and sellers can’t access their usual face to face trade.

The article has brought a new hashtag to my attention #oldhouselove, as well as several great Instagram accounts to follow @cheapoldhouses & @rademacherrevival in the US and @littlehouseonthecorner (below left) & @reclaimedwoman (below right) in the UK. I regularly use the tag #treasuretingle for reclamation finds and cannot WAIT to get going again with our treasure and reclamation workshops at Moregeous HQ, as well as get back out and about exploring chazzas, antique villages and salvage shows.

Roll on a return back to the good ol’ days, in more way than one.

Thank you SalvoWeb for including me in your directory, as well as furnishing me with a brand new bio title – it’s just joyful and I love it!

PS I will be taking on some client work in 2021 so if you have a project in mind and fancy some help, drop me a line. I’m just working out how things will work remotely, during these Covid times. If you have already emailed and haven’t heard back, please do give me a virtual prod as things got kinda hectic at the end of last year and I may have missed your message, Sian x

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