Podcast: Does Your Company Effectively Train Its Staff? A Vital Step In A Modern Business

I had the great privilege recently to host and record six podcasts with UAP, a hugely successful Manchester company who are market leaders in the field of door hardware. They have an unrivalled reputation for product excellence, innovation and quality, a fact which shone through as I chatted with directors and staff about different topics and challenges faced in a modern business through unprecedented times.

This is the second in the series, a subject which so clearly is critical to USP’s success – looking after, caring for and training staff.

Whether or not you’re in this industry, are an interested property person or run a business yourself, there’s a huge amount of information in the podcasts which cross over from industry to industry. I enjoyed hosting all of the sessions and learned a lot, listening to and talking with such educated, experienced and entertaining professionals.

I hope you enjoy them too, Sian x

Episode Two : The importance of staff training in a modern business

With NJJ Business Consultant Nicola John and UAP Operations Director Wendy Rushton

Wendy Rushton discusses the importance for businesses to be fully up to date on training methods and how that training has evolved throughout the lockdown period in 2020, as well as the need for personalised training methods for individual staff members who may not respond well to a traditional “classroom” training style.

She also speaks about how effective training can raise staff morale which contributes to higher staff retention and better company operations overall.

Nicola John mentions the importance of product training for all members of staff to understand who they’re selling to and why, as well as testing and legislation, so that each member of staff has a wealth of knowledge to draw from. She also discussed the benefits of training during lockdown while staff were on furlough, and that it has had some surprising benefits that UAP will be continuing to make use of in the future, even after the pandemic and social distancing has come to a close.

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