Podcast: The Effect of Covid and Smart Technology on the Door Hardware Industry

I had the great privilege recently to host and record six podcasts with UAP, a hugely successful Manchester company who are market leaders in the field of door hardware. They have an unrivalled reputation for product excellence, innovation and quality, a fact which shone through as I chatted with directors and staff about different topics and challenges faced in a modern business through unprecedented times.

Whether or not you’re in this industry, are an interested property person or run a business yourself, there’s a huge amount of information in the podcasts which cross over from industry to industry. I enjoyed hosting all of the sessions and learned a lot, listening to and talking with such educated, experienced and entertaining professionals.

I hope you enjoy them too, Sian x

Episode One : Smart technology and the impact of Covid-19 on the hardware & door industry

Straight to the top in this first episode! CEO David Jennings and National Sales Director Barry Halpin

David Jennings, CEO and founder of UAP, tells us how he started in the door hardware industry, explains what smart technology is, the security problems it can bring, discusses anti-bacterial products and tells us what’s next for UAP. Barry Halpin, UAP’s National Sales Director, discusses how COVID-19 has made the retail, trade and domestic hardware market boom and gives us insight into hardware maintenance and different door types.

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