Pip Pip Hurray for happy wallpapers

I’ve fallen in happy love this week with a range of wallpapers, guaranteed to put a smile on even the most credit crunched of victims. How gorgeous are these papers ?? Bright, colourful, packed with fun imagery; will totally banish the blues. I am hoping Mrs Rose Cottage will like them, they would look perfect …..
The PIP studio, famous for its “Happy products, happy people”, has collaborated to create this delightful and cheerful collection of trend-setting wallpapers.

“An eye for detail with layered prints in the most amazingly “happy” colour combinations makes PIP a rather unique concept.

Classical garden birds sitting on delicate branches of blossom sparkle in gold and silver. Trailing florals interspersed with butterflies and a cute cross-stitch design can be used with more calming stripes and polka dots. There is a combination of photographic images and detailed drawings which can be applied to the walls or other surfaces like a collage.

Unexpected colours of fireman red, warm grey and canary yellow or fresh chalky tones of minty blues and greens. PIP is indeed a trend-setting and up-beat collection. Sold by the roll, 10m x 53cm and as sets of wallpictures.”

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